CP-1 Magic Styling Shampoo 250ml
CP-1 Magic Styling Shampoo 250ml
CP-1 Magic Styling Shampoo 250ml

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CP-1 Magic Styling Shampoo 250ml

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For: curly, unmanageable hair

This styling shampoo reduces pesky flyaway, halping to smooth and soften hair with styling- straight formular. It is the ideal shampoo for taming curly and thick, unmanageable, unruly hair. 

How to use

Wet your hair with lukewarm water and make bubble with suitable amount of shampoo. Massage your scalp and hair, rinsing if off with lukewarm water. Repeat it if you want twice. 


Purified water, sodium lauryl sulfate, sodium laureth sulfate, Laura A polyimide diimide, dimethicone, fragrance, cocamidopropyl betaine, propylene glycol, 1,2 hexanediol, Dyumseol sulfite, sodium sulfate, kukurzy protein, protein, potato protein extract of Camellia leaves, persimmon extract, carbomer distearate, behenomidopromil trimonium chloride, guar hydroxy trimonium chloride, laureth-4, laureth -23, silicon dioxide, sodium large, arginine, citric acid, sodium citrate, disodium dithiol, tetrasodium, sodium carbonate, sodium benzoate, butilengli ol, phenoxyethanol.

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