IOPE Bio Essence Facial Mask - Ginger Cosmetics
IOPE Bio Essence Facial Mask - Ginger Cosmetics
IOPE Bio Essence Facial Mask - Ginger Cosmetics
IOPE Bio Essence Facial Mask - Ginger Cosmetics


Bio Essence Facial Mask

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For: anti- aging, super hydrating, whitening

Product: Bio-cellulose mask that perfects the look of translucent and smooth skin. Makes your skin look brighter and smoother by improving the ever- changing condition of your skin.

A mask made of a bio-cellulose material that was perfected through enzyme fermentation. Designed to wrap around the entire face, including the chin line.

How to use

Remove the mesh on top of the sheet. (The bio cellulose sheet is positioned between two mesh sheets for the Bio Essence Facial Mask.)
Position the sheet around your forehead, eyes, and nose.
Position the mask using one hand, and use your other hand to remove the outer net.
In the same way, remove the net on one side of the bottom sheet, and position the sheet along the cheeks and lip area.
Remove the top layer on top of the sheet.
Apply the sheet mask carefully following the chin line.
After 15-20 minutes, remove the mask and tap the bio essence to let absorb. (The Bio Essence Facial Mask was made using a fermentation process.

There may be slight differences in thickness, color, and fragrance between each mask.)


Saccharomyces ferment filtrate, niacinamide, glycerin, purified water, saccharomyces ferment, achillea millefolium extract, geranium robertianum extract, thermus thermophillus ferment, beta-glucan, glycereth-26, adenosine, propanediol, hydroxyethyl cellulose, carbomer, potassium hydroxide, phenoxyethanol

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