Avajar Perfect V Lifting Premium Mask - Ginger Cosmetics
Avajar Perfect V Lifting Premium Mask - Ginger Cosmetics
Avajar Perfect V Lifting Premium Mask - Ginger Cosmetics


Perfect V Lifting Premium Mask

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Volume: 1pcs or full pack of 5pcs

This mask is specifically designed for the jawline- the active ingredients in the hydrogel slims while physical lift is achieved by the special patented fabric made with Avajar's unique patented technology. The non-drip hydrogel is produced by being matured at a low temperature by a company with the CGMP. The hydrogel is absorbed without leaving and sticky residue, leaving skin hydrated.

7 No Additives

No mineraloil, no parabens, no silicone,no benzophenone,
no sulfate, no triethanolamine, no artificial coloring matter.

Suggested Use

  1. Open the pouch and remove the protective film.
  2. After stretching the mask, put your chin on the middle of the mask.
  3. After matching your chin to the middle of the mask, hook onto the ears.
  4. After use, remove the mask and lightly massage both cheeks.

If you experience discomfort in the ears while using the mask, it is because the mask was not stretched out enough before application to the face. Unhook from the ears, stretch the mask out more and hook on ears again.


Purified water, glycerin, dipropyleme glycol, agar, sodium polyacrylate, polyacrylic acid, denatured alcohol, xanthan gum, cellulosic gum, disodium eddie, phosphatidylcholine, tartaric acid, adenosine, tocopheryl, hydrolyzed collagen, glutinin, aluminum glycinate, sodium hyaluronate, caffeine, cetyl, hexanoate, aloe vera leaf juice, potassium sorbate, citric acid, butylene glycol, phenoxyethanol ethanol, fragrance.

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