WellDerma Face Lifting Pad - Ginger Cosmetics
WellDerma Face Lifting Pad - Ginger Cosmetics
WellDerma Face Lifting Pad - Ginger Cosmetics


Face Lifting Pad

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For: All skin types

Product: Massager for face designed for contour facial massage, provides a lifting effect, helps smooth wrinkles, relieves swelling and increases blood flow. Massager prevents premature signs of aging and improves skin elasticity and firmness.

The upper part is shaped like a corner and performs a lifting massage, which helps to highlight the contours of the face, form a V-line and get rid of the second chin.

A special multifaceted platinum-coated ball at the bottom of the product is designed for acupuncture massage of thin and particularly sensitive skin in the area of nasolabial folds and collarbones. It helps to lift and firm the skin as well as relax muscles.

The massager can be used not only on the face but also on the body in the area of the clavicles, forearm, lumbar and legs to maintain skin elasticity and prevent sagging.

Size: 52x150x20 mm

How to use

For the face: apply along massage lines along the chin, in the eye area, expression lines, cheekbones and forehead. Give a gentle massage in a circular motion.

For the body: use in the area of the forearm, clavicles, arms from the elbow and above, legs and lower back as an acupuncture massage.

Can be used over serum, creams, and tissue masks.

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